Organizing for a Stress Free & Successful Life

The warmer weather brings about a resurgence of energy. Longer days motivate us to get moving and make things happen. With Spring quickly approaching, so to comes the urge to organize, declutter and refresh. Here are some top tips to consider during your spring clean-up and how you can get organized for a stress-free and successful life!

Where to Start?Cleaning and organizing an entire house all at once can be a completely overwhelming and daunting mission. Instead, consider making a list of everything you want to accomplish this spring. Make sure your list is realistic. Don’t over promise and under deliver or you’ll feel like you failed. Set reasonable goals and target completion timelines for yourself. For example, your goal may be to try and complete four tasks from your list each week. You can pick your weekly jobs by deciding what you feel like doing at the time or, by tackling the items that are driving you the craziest. However you decide to attack your home organization objectives this season, nothing is more satisfying than seeing those to-do tasks slowly and steadily being checked off the list. 

You’re Not AloneJust because you’re leading the charge, doesn’t mean you have to go to war on your own.  Don’t be afraid to assign roles and involve the whole family. Organizing is a team effort and is a benefit to everyone in the household, even if they don’t see it that way. Go through your to-do list and find tasks you can delegate to your spouse and kids. Give them their own list of everyday jobs and weekly tasks that they are responsible for. Having their own jobs will teach your spouse and your kids to get and stay organized so you don’t have to continue to pick-up after them day after day.  

A Place for EverythingIn an effort to be more efficient and successful in your organizing goals, having a place for all your items is essential. Investing in containers and labelling them is an easy and cost-effective solution.  Containers come in many different sizes and shapes and can be used for organizing just about everything, from your food pantry, to your home office, to your kid’s closets.  Containers are easy to stack and store neatly away and out of sight but, can also be placed in accessible areas. Labelling makes it easy to find containers when needed.

If you have an overwhelming number of sheets of paper around your home, consider consolidating the information and storing it electronically. Having all your information on stacks of paper takes up unnecessary space and is difficult to keep tidy. Consider receiving your bills online as opposed to paper versions, a cleaner option for your home and the environment. 

Practice Makes PerfectGetting organized is one thing, staying organized is a whole other level of commitment. A great way to stay on the organization path is to commit to putting things away immediately after use. Allot certain hours of the day to be deemed de-cluttering and clean-up time.  It doesn’t need to be a huge chuck of time, 15-30 minutes per day should suffice and keep you on top of your clean up efforts.  Be aware of those hotspots for clutter. Usual suspects are the sink, dining table, cubicle, night stand, and bedroom drawers. Take note of these places and tidy them up daily.

Purge, Recycle, DonateIs your closet full of clothes you have not worn in years? Are your storage areas full of stuff that has not seen daylight since the 90’s? Is your basement full of kids toys and books from when they were toddlers and they’re about to graduate from high school?  If so, it’s time to purge, recycle and donate.  Chances are, you’re not going to use these items again. Donating to a charitable organization is a great way to feel good about giving away, your stuff will be going to someone who really needs it. You could also consider posting your items on Kijiji or similar sites, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and you can make a little money on the side. Another great way to lighten the load is to try this tried and tested rule: for every new item purchased, a old or unused item most be disposed of. If you’re a complete pack rat, just throw out one old thing a day until you can’t find any more items to toss. Do that for a month and I guarantee you’ll have less clutter in your life.

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