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Ultimate Bracket

Ultimate Bracket
18711 Glen Road
Williamstown ON
Booth: 1028


Company Description:

MRD Innovations, owned and operated by Mike and Robbie Duval, is the inventor and fabricator of the The Ultimate Bracket for both window and door installation. It is patent approved and made in Canada in our shop in rural Williamstown, Ontario.

Mike Duval is the inventor and long-time (40 years) professional interior finish carpenter. He was tired of shims and twisted framing and wanted to improve the quality and ease of installing windows and doors (both interior and exterior).

* No insulation voids; maximum R-value and energy efficiency.
* Save on heating costs.
* No bowing of the window jamb extension.
* Super easy 4-step installation.
* No drilling through vinyl – Which can void window warranty.
* Professional installation every time.

* Only three tools needed: level, tape measure, drill.
* No nail holes to patch.
* No Shimming.
* Secures the jamb to both sides of the wall.
* Easy adjustment for perfect reveals/margins every time.
* Works even if wall is "Out-of-Plane" or "Not plumb".
* Works on interior and ixterior doors.
* Work on any Jamb size (4-9/16", 5-1/2", 6-9/16", and more).

Show Specials:

Show attendees receive a 20% off discount code for Bracket and Clips. Purchases using the discount code can still qualify for free shipping. * No minimum purchase requirements to use the discount code.

New Products

Saftey closet bar; is our latest product. For use in areas where suicide prevention is a primary concern. Compatible with standard clothes hanger design. Functional, practical and aesthetically appropriate for open closet.

Certifications & Awards

Canadian Patent

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