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GrocerDirect Inc.

GrocerDirect Inc.
3105 Hawthorne Road
Ottawa ON
Booth: 2330

Company Description:

We are proud to be "Your Modern Butcher". We offer our customers something special! We believe that every bite you take should be an experience, not just food. To that effect, all our beef is AAA1, Stirling or Black Angus, fully aged to perfection, with 90% of the excess fat removed, leaving you a perfectly marbled masterpiece to savour. The same high standards are evident in all our meat, be it chicken, pork, fish, seafood etc...
We pride ourselves in being able to accomplish all of this while respecting your family’s existing budget. How do we do that? With over 14 years experience delivering the best fine restaurant quality Canadian meats right to your door, we are reputed to be the best in the business! Because of our solid referral network, we can deliver this quality to customers across Ontario and Quebec! Speaking of referrals, our customers are richly rewarded for referring friends and family to us, eliminating all advertising and store costs. This allows us to offer our customers the very best!

At GrocerDirect, Our traditional 12-month plan, including 4 free deliveries is your best value. Imagine a year of nothing but your favourite individually portioned, flash frozen meat cuts on hand always. You pay the same way you would pay your grocery store... weekly/bi-weekly/or monthly with no interest! This plan allows you to lock in your meat and seafood prices regardless of what is happening in the market. Because we are completely aware of today’s economic uncertainties, we are now offering other alternatives, including “Build Your Own Box”, where we will work with you to supply you with what you need when you need it.
Important to note that all our products are unconditionally guaranteed. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with a product, we will replace the unused portions with another product of your choice at no charge to you. You will never throw meat out again!