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Canada Connex

Canada Connex
300 Greenbank Rd
Ottawa Ont
Booth: 1225

Company Description:

We are the top sales and installation group for the # 1 Rural Canadian "ISP" " Xplornet'

We strive to have all Canadians connected to the online world, making the service available virtually everywhere in Canada.

Xplornet has the ability to cover large areas connecting Canadians with hybrid fiber networks and fixed wireless towers on the ground to the next generation Satellites in the sky.

Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers that have connected with the leading rural high-speed internet provider.

If you are Rural we can get you connected.

Show Specials:

Show Special, is O dollar installation plus all new customers will receive a $100. Gift Card

New Products

Chat with us about our new coverage area, better speeds, connectivity, and service!


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